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    What's the difference in a plastic propolis trap and a plastic queen excluder? Other than the obvious, "where you put them in a hive." I have never laid hands on a propolis trap but did buy a few queen excluders to use when rearing queens. I can't see much difference when looking at pictures. They may not even work for all I know.
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    From the pictures in the online catalogs, the propalis traps have I finer mesh between the grids.
    I stored a plastic Q excluder under the top cover ( in an out yard)one year, but kept the lid down.
    The bees pretty much ignored it.
    Some one ( Micheal Bush?) suggested using regular window screen under a feeding rim with the top cover open a little bit.
    I have purchased the wire, but haven't installed yet. ... CE
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    I use #8 mesh inner covers and my bees have propolized a few rows around the edges. I didn't see any easy way to get it off the screen. I bought a propolis trap and replaced the screen inner. They are filling the trap quite a bit faster. Also, you can freeze then roll the trap to easily pop the propolis off. The gaps in it are thinner than excluder to keep all bees in, and the slots are beveled, wider at the top surface than the bottom, so as they fill each slot the propolis pushes up through and holds more. I'd recommend getting at least one to try. Worst case it makes a nice vented cover.


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