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    Default Late fall mated queen gone bad ?

    I had two colonies to supercede first week of Oct. 2010. Never gave them much of a chance of mating, they both began to lay and over wintered fine.
    3/12/11 inspection both had great bood patterns. 4/2/11 one queen had all but completly stopped laying, all drone cells sealed, less than 5% worker cells sealed all others empty, 3 queen cells piping ready to hatch. Lots of open necter had been gathered. Located queen and she looked withered.
    Am I correct in my assumption that my late fall queen has probably became a drone layer and this is not swarm preps since there are no eggs or sealed worker brood?
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    Default Re: Late fall mated queen gone bad ?

    Should you have killed the old queen when you found her?I dont know just wondering if she will fight the new queen.My last hive came out of winter a laying worker now its about dead.If your queens dont work out get one in before the workers start laying.good luck.


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