Hope I'm ok posting in this forum. Wasn't sure if it should be here or in beekeeping 101. Here goes nothin...

I was recently able to secure a spot at an organic vegetable co-op. They have 4 acres in vegetables of all sorts, 7 acres in field corn, 9 acres in alfalfa, and 10 acres in hay. They also have a prarie restoration project ongoing at their location. I'm not sure how big that is... but I assume prarie wildflowers are a part of that.

They have no spraying of any herbicides or pesticides within 1/4 mile of the possible hive site. My question is.... are veggies really that great for bees? I know the bees will be good for the veggies, but how much do bees really like veggie gardens?

I take delivery of my package or carnies on April 2nd and was hoping this spot would work well. I may even try to negotiate to get a partial or whole share of the co-op.

Two more quick questions... Is getting certified organic difficult for honey producers? And is this a good spot?

Thanks in advance for your tips.....