So I was looking at my bees today and saw something odd. It LOOKED like the pollen basket areas of one bee were large and swollen--large for a leg, but small for a load of pollen. At first I was thinking, wow, that's some blood-red pollen, but when I looked closer, the basket was completely smooth, not granulated like even packed pollen is--it was actually a dark orange-red color. All the other bees are bringing in greenish (maple?) pollen right now. The bee was dragging its back legs--they were in the right position, but hardly moving as the bee walked--a lot more than bees with bigger loads of pollen.

My second thought was that the bee had a varroa on each leg--it was about that color. And that could be it. But they were in the exact same place on each leg and I couldn't see any distinguishing characteristics, and it looked like it went all the way around.

Anyone ever see anything like this?