I am a beekeeper in New Brunswick Canada and am considering seeding some Viper's bugloss (Echium Vulgare) in specific baron or rocky areas on our property. Although in some states this plant is considered very invasive it is not listed that way in New Brunswick and where we have a very short season and harsh climate I am looking for plants that will be good for bees and survive. I have heard from some sources that Viper's bugloss is a very good honey plant once established and produces excellent honey. However I have also read that there has been pyrrolizidine alkaloids found in the honey and/or pollen which apparently is bad for humans. The following site takes you to information on this http://www.fzi.uni-freiburg.de/pdf/44_1.pdf . Does anybody know whether the honey from this plant is really bad for humans or whether this is something to be concerned about? Thank you for any help.