Enlighten me please.

Is there such a thing as organic honey?

The topic came up briefly in my beek course at the University of Minnesota last year. If memory serves me well, I'm pretty sure Marla chuckled a bit before answering and then stated that in North America there was no such thing as organic honey since we can't control where our bees forage and a hive would have to be kept miles from a pesticide laden flower, plant, crop and there was no way to guarantee this with blow over and such. She did however defer to a group of beekeepers in class from Brazil that said they had hives (African) that were very remote and guaranteed organic. Those with knowledge on this topic in class were all in agreement.

I am asking this because I was on facebook tonight and a company I follow that sells certain products with beeswax claim their products are 100% organic and that they purchase their beeswax from a supplier in North America that keeps their hives 4 miles from any source of pesticides. Good marketing?