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    Default mice!! two dead outs.

    The master beek who showed me the way told me," I'v made every mistake possible and most of them twice" I laughed and said that i look forward to making those mistakes. it was 50 deg. today so I checked my two "at home" hives" No activity. Opened it up and was stared down by a who the heck are you mouse. about 30 lbs of honey still capped. This was my strongest hive ( I only have 4). The hive next to it, same deal.The other two are flying today but I feel a deep sense of shame. My "mouse free", yard has shown me how much I have yet to learn. Keep those mouse guards on or you will learn the hard way as I have. Shame on me!!!!!! Needless to say, I now have the extra equipment and honey to try my hand at splits and nucs. Give me hell, I deserve it.
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