Hi. I am working on this design for a new hive stand I want to build and need some advice on how to put it together so it will be sufficient to bear the weight.

This is what I've got so far, what I'm going for basically:

It occurred to me after I scanned the drawing that the stringers would actually need to be turned so the 2" side is up, for strength. But then I am not sure how to fix them to the cross pieces... I guess I could use landscape timbers instead. Those are 8', I think. The cross pieces I will probably secure to the 4x4 legs with deck bolts.

I'd like to use some 10' 2x4s I have, hoping this would be enough to hold 5 hives. But I can go with 8' (4 hives) if that would work out better. I really don't have enough construction experience to be sure what would bear the weight. (Only built stuff like chicken coops, dog houses, etc. before.)

I like this guy's hive stands that I saw on this Youtube video. His are on 4x4s and he paints the legs with a vaseline/baby oil mixture to keep the ants down. (Or I might use tanglefoot.) Except I wanted a bench instead of just a single hive stand.

So any thoughts on this, improvements on the design? I don't want to go on a wish and a prayer and have the whole thing topple over on me! Thanks.