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    Default nuc + pkg = 2 better colonies?

    I have one 5-frame nuc and one 3# package w/ queen due to arrive in mid April, and two new 8-frame medium hives with foundation in which to install them.

    When I install them I am thinking about taking one of the three frames of brood from the nuc (if the brood is fairly equally distributed) and placing it in the hive with the package. Barring some unforeseen problem with the nuc, for example disease or severe parasites, does this sound like a reasonable thing to do? Of course I will be feeding both colonies all the 1:1 sugar syrup they will take.

    I am risking something by reducing the strength of the more expensive nuc, but I hope to overcome that by increasing the strength of the package colony.

    Is there anything to be gained by doing this? What have I not considered?


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    Default Re: nuc + pkg = 2 better colonies?

    Think that would work...I do not fool with packages but from a nuc making stand point that should work.

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    Default Re: nuc + pkg = 2 better colonies?

    Good idea. The brood will help tie the package to their hive. Make sure you leave brood in both. Consider giving more to the package if the nuc is strong. The nuc queen is already laying and will pick up the loss quickly. The package queen will need a few days to release and get started. Don't rush releasing the package queen, give them time to accept her. A package is not a nuc!
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    Default Re: nuc + pkg = 2 better colonies?

    One frame of brood in with a package gives them a realy BIG JUMP START in 6 weeks you wont bee able to tell which is which.
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