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Thread: Mixing frames

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    Default Mixing frames

    I planning on starting five hives in the next few weeks from 3lb packages.
    I have accumulated several different types of frames and I'm looking for the Pros & Cons of mixing them within a brood box

    I have about 30 drawn frames from a local commercial beek, They are in good shape and a few have nectar and some capped honey.
    I have both all-plastic and wood drawn frames. I';m planning on putting four in each brood box and saving the rest to place in the next boxes I put on.

    Should I keep all plastics in one and all wood in the next?
    Is it a good idea to mix them, say 2 of each in a box?
    If so, should I keep them in pairs or mix them?

    I also have many frames with no drawn comb.
    I have Wood with wire wax foundation, both new and cleaned.
    I have wood with plastic foundation
    I have all plastic frames

    Again, is it wise to mix them within a box? Will it do any harm?
    Can I place some of each in the same box?
    Should I keep the wax frames together of can I mix the plastic foundation frames with the wood/wax? (W, P, W, P, W)

    Does it matter or am I just over thinking?


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    Default Re: Mixing frames

    You could start out keeping them seperate but over time they will get all mixed up anyway. At least mine do from making nucs or fixing a laying worker etc...etc...
    Mike Forbes
    Red Dirt Apiaries

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