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    Just wondering if anyone uses this wax melter. We recently talked with another beekeeper who uses this and it sounds like it takes alot less time. Does it seperate the Slum for the wax effeciently? Whats the Honey like? Most importantly what is the quality of the wax that comes out of the unit. Currently we are using a single barrel Cowan melter. We can melt down a barrel a day with cappings out of our spinner. It works well and out puts some nice wax, but there is alot of messing around with slum. It can also be quite messy. Just wondering if this other melter would be more efficient.

    Here is a link.
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    works like dream! Wax comes out clean, slum comes out in separate locationd as does the honey. Honey will be overheated and sold as bakers as is the case with most melters. In my melter on the market! If you live close to Redgranite the Piechowsik's just bought a new one last year..... maybe you could look at it in action!

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    Ya suttonbeeman. We just talked to him at a meeting. Was just wanting to here about some others that used it.
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    I have two of these melters, one of them is over 10 years old and has it's occational problems but as long as the elements are working it melts wax great, And the honey coming out depends on the honey going in. Down south we don't run a spinner and get a bit more honey into the melter with the cappings, so the honey flows right through barely getting any color. Up north i have a spinner and very little honey goes into the melter, so it sits in there longer darkening more drastically than our southern counter part. The Slum coming out still has significant wax in, which we render and press out. All in all this melter is still way better than melting and pressing all the cappings.



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