Wow Where to begin.... We are brand new to beekeeping, my son Shane is 13 and expressed some interest in bee keeping, so I figured lets try it. Well, we found a colony of honey bees in a nearby tree. They are only about 3 feet off the ground in a hollow. We already assembled our beginner hive kit from Dadant with the 10 frames installed with plasticell. We are wondering if we can lure the bees into our hive? We have a phermone we purchased for catching swarms already in the hive betweeen the frames and I even sprayed two of the frames with sugar water to entice the bees in. Is there any chance the bees will enter the hive and make this their new home? Is there anything we can do to increase our chances of obtaining part of this colony? You can see some of the comb at the entrance inside the hollow of the tree. We're thinking maybe we can smoke them out? If we place the empty hive at the entrance to their established hive will they enter it and begin making comb? What if I purchase a mail order queen and place her in our hive and then place our hive at the trees hollow. Is it possible some of the colony will accept the queen and remain in the empty hive? We really want to leave the existing hive in the tree intact. Our hive would only be approximately 100 feet away from the colony of bees in the tree hollow, is this a problem? Any advice is greatly appreciated. We are just hobbyists experimenting. Interesting and fun if nothing else. Thank you.