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    Default Miller feeder bottom question

    What does the bottom of the Miller feeder look like? Downloaded the plans here - is there a slot on the bottom between the B & B vertical boards? Figure the bees must get in some way... Are these same boards dado cut like the side and end boards to insert the luan? I am figuring that is a yes, since the bottom boards are listed as two separate pieces and that is how the bees get in?
    Bear with me... I'm a newbie with this stuff.


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    Default Re: Miller feeder bottom question

    Looks like you figured it out! The 2 bottom boards measure 9-1/4 x 15-1/2.
    9-1/4 times two equal 18-1/2. The overall length is 19-7/8, minus the 3/8" for the dado slot so you'll end up with a center gap that is 3/4" wide.
    Regards, Barry


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