I am trying to help out a fellow beek who has probably developed laying workers (just developing now - sounds like something happened to the queen about three weeks ago).

I have some queen cells on the way and will end up with more cells than I plan on mating.

The backup plan will be to raise a new nuc to replace the entire hive in April, but in the meantime, I am wondering if it is worth inserting a queen cell into this newly laying-worker hive.

Does anyone know what happens when a queen cell is inserted into a hive with laying workers?

Will the laying worker(s) kill the queen cell before emergence just as a newly-emerged virgin queen would?

Will the queen cell be allowed to emerge and the new virgin queen killed by the laying worker(s) shortly thereafter?

Is there any chance that the queen cell will be allowed to emerge and the virgin queen will be allowed to mate?

Is there any reason not to give this a try?



p.s. this is the only hive in her apiary and there are no nearby hives to steal frames of open/capped brood from...