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    Made an only slightly humorous reference to a Mrs. Pitkin my fifth grade teacher recently. Here is a tribute to my favorite teacher/person and an invite for others to make a tribute. Born 1900 died 2004. Raised an incredible family (google Roy pitkin md for an example). Our neighbor, she was always there for us in good times and bad. No holiday at our home was complete without her. Introduced my parents and was helping in the delivery room when I was born. Gave our 5th grade class the news that jfk had died. I Had the privilege of attending her 100th birthday where we discussed all things current when she wasn't talking Twins baseball with my son. A classy lady, an inspiration to many young students and an endless source of fascinating stories. Gone but not forgotten.
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    roy long
    my chemistry teacher who took the time to teach me the math involved in his chemistry classes as our math teacher was not nearly as good. Also a teacher who was willing to keep explaining things in a different way util I understood what he was saying

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    I wonder if Mrs. Pitkin would be a teacher if she were born in 1990? I remember ladies like that.... alas they are all gone. Today they are lawyers, Doctors, legislators...etc. I suppose they had not choice in those days and schools as well as our attitude toward teachers were very different in those days. They gave some of us older folks a major advantage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim lyon View Post
    an endless source of fascinating stories. Gone but not forgotten.
    She was such an interesting and intelligent person. I was always amazed at how sharp her mind was; she could talk about modern issues as well as things that happened years ago without missing any details. I remember having conversations with her about her memories of both world wars, life before automobiles were commonplace, and the sinking of the Titanic. I never really had any teachers of that caliber, but I did have a few that truly cared and went out of their way to make sure the students understood the curriculum and for those teachers I will always be grateful.

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    I go to a school where the teachers arn't AS retricted by all the standardized test stuff, and I can honestly say there isnt one teacher I DONT like. Some that im not the biggest fan but not against. The teachers tend to care unlike a lot of places. I feel that if I need help with work or whatever, I can talk to them for help. Plus eveything is more fun when the teacher is riding you about the test. THE TEST THE TEST THE TEST, IT ONLY 6 MONTHS AWAY. One time even a classmate was in aplay across town. A few teachers got a car pool together. So here it was, 3 teachers and 12 students going to some play afterschool across town. Where does that happen anymore? Im happy to be at school with the teachers I have.

    Time to put the sopebox away, nice tribute jim.
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