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    Default Help with Swarm?

    I hived 2 swarms. 1(softball size) in a 8 frame deep box with 4 frames and 1 (football size)in a 8 frame med super with 4 frames. I can get honey & pollen frames from other hives. How many in each one or 1 to 1 suger water? Is the 1-1 mixture made (1 cup white suger to 1 cup water heated not boiled? I have them at my house tonight but (wife wants them moved) have to move them by Thur. Thanks for your replies.
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    Default Re: Help with Swarm?

    Give them a frame of honey and let them bee
    I'm new so take it with a grain of salt
    My bees are moving a lot of pollen so I won't add any
    maybe add a feeder to help
    YES 1 to 1 is cup to cup Gal to Gal
    and that is what I read for spring
    Good Luck


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    Default Re: Help with Swarm?

    I would just give them foundation and feed 1to1 syrup. Swarms are normally great at drawing out comb. You should have plenty of pollen coming in by now.

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    Default Re: Help with Swarm?

    I would put soft ball size in the medium and the bigger swarm in the deep, or better yet the smaller swarm in a five frame nuc box. The eight frame deep is too much real estate for them to keep warm..


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