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    Default feeding in remote yards???

    I'm putting a hive or two out at a buddies farm. His farm is far enough from me that I will only get out there periodically throughout the season. How do you guys do spring feeding (e.g., 1:1)? . . . or don't you.

    I'm thinking of getting a 5 gallon pail of 1:1 somehow rigged up.


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    Default Re: feeding in remote yards???

    Well there is the top feeders that hold 2 1/2 gal i believe but alot of people find drowned bees using that method. Then there is the top jar feeder which is what i started out with at the beginning and then i eventually built a 6 jar top feeder for my hives. I found that i only needed to feed every 2-3 days instead of everyday with just having one or 2 jars on top. Im sure there is other ways but you just have t choose the one that best fits your own needs. I know the new bee packages will feed alot but established hives that have honey stores or have a nectar flow wont touch the feed at all! I liked the 6 jar feeder starting out with just several hives! I believe kelleys makes a 4 jar feeder and you could perhaps put 2 side by side if you didnt know how to make one yourself!

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    Default Re: feeding in remote yards???

    Several suppliers sell a plastic, two chamber hive top feeder with a wire mesh that closes off the entrance, which minimizes drowning. I have 10 and use them. Make your own boxes for them, save some money. You can fill both sides with syrup, and perhaps check every other week. But in a dearth, or if you're trying to build the colony up fast, they may take all the syrup in one week.
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    Default Re: feeding in remote yards???

    if you use the hive top feeders then put a peice of screen over the hole of your inner cover or you will have a bunch of drowned bees that come in from the outside .


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