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    What does it really mean and what impact on the beekeeping industry does resistance to TM really have?

    How many States keep records of resistant AFB? What do they do w/ that data? Are the number of examples of TM resistant AFB and strength of resistance rising? I'd love to see the graph of that info.

    When I worked for NY State as an Apiary Inspector, the AFB samples were sent to Beltsville for testing and determining resistance to TM. But not for Tylosin. Is anyone checking on Tylosin Resistant AFB? Anyway, the sites were reported on at the end of the year. And the word "outbreak of TM resistant AFB" was used, but no one would define what an outbreak was. Is one occurance an outbreak? I have no reason to believe that all of the Apiaries in a certain radius were also checked. They may have been.
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    Well the omnipresent powers that bee, deleted me off the other forum but we still get good control with TM. We can not purchase the "good" stuff anymore-TM 50 or TM 100. I can tell you this about Tylosin. I was ask by Souix how I was using the drug. My reply was in powdered sugar.I was told Never feed the stuff in syrup form as Souix was worried about contamination in honey AND building a potential drug resistant form of AFB. Years ago, there was worry about Sulfa resistant AFB. But that was not the reason it was pulled from the market. Honey contamination was. One occurance, I do not think is an outbreak. AFB was sampled by Alabama Dept of ag a couple of years ago and sent to Beltsville. Their findings: Terrimycin still gave good control for AFB in Alabama. TM resistant foulbrood, means smart, responsible use of the remaining antibiotics available to the industry. MISUSE THEM AND LOSE THEM>TK

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    when I was inspected a couple of years ago, i asked the inspector and he said he wasn't seeing any resistant f.b. in this county so keep on using t.m.

    since tsolin is only labeled for use as a cure, not a preventative, I'm amazed at how many people admit to using it, that makes me think there must definetely be outbreaks of f.b., I have even seen multiple queen breeder adds stating that all there queens have been treated with toslin, I scratched them off of my list.
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