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    Default Re: switching brood hive bodies

    Quote Originally Posted by wcubed View Post
    I doubt that your bees ate their way into the upper over our milder winters. This suggests that the brood nest was in the upper in mid summer when they elected to prepare that box for wintering. To prove me wrong, check locatiion of the brood nest on 1 Aug. Am betting you will find them upstairs. If so, mid summer reversal might be appropriate for your flow pattern. Walt
    I think that you are exactly correct. I learned a long time ago that on the occasional years that the bees fill a honey super in fall, if I take much of it, it weakens them too much to overwinter successfully.

    Your idea of reversing in late summer, letting them fill the upper deep or shallow with fall honey might work well for me. It should make checkerboarding the next spring easy. I'll be doing a lot of experimenting this year.
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