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    Default Re: SHB-Anything new to get rid of them?

    I have pics uploaded on under pest and diseases.

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    Default Re: SHB-Anything new to get rid of them?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Kretschmann View Post
    Stay away from filipronil in dvd cassette cases. While toxic to the beetles, it is highly toxic to the bees. Should this compound show up in some honey somewhere---as an industry thens TK
    Excellent idea Ted. I used this in cassettes this winter and removed them last Jan. They killed lots of beetles but I don't want any issues with chemicals in my honey.
    Rohe Bee Ranch "Free Range Bees"

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    Default Re: SHB-Anything new to get rid of them?

    Anyone know of any scientific studies on SHB?
    Those beetlejail entrance traps look like they may be on to something. You can find a video on youtube for that. Maybe chemicals arent the way to go. Seems like if their behavior was studied, there would be a way to keep them out with some sort of modified entrance.

    I mean, you can use a cone screen to remove bees so they cant return. The triangle escape boards let the bees leave but not enter the super. I am curious if there was something similar for the hive beetle to beat the little bugger with a much more fundamental method.

    I dont have a small hive beetle problem, yet that is. I has got to be frustrating for those dealing with it.



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