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Thread: wax moths

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    Default wax moths

    What would be the approximate minimum temperature that wax moths become active outdoors? I have alot of brood comb currently stored outside in their boxes and sealed up best I can for now to keep mice out. I plan to get some moth crystals soon to apply to the stacks of boxes for the moths. Thanks, John

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    Default Re: wax moths

    I know that when the outside temps fall below
    40F or so they go dormant around here. As to
    what temp they start breeding I am not sure.
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    I've seen moths flying when bees weren't... but they don't seem to be very active below 40 or so as he said.
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    Reminder Re: wax moths

    I would agree with the 40 degrees for flying moths.

    HOWEVER --

    The <of questionable parentage> little critters need a hard sustained freeze to kill the eggs and larvae off completely. They do not usually die off in my climate, and may not in others if stored in semi-heated sheds, garages, etc. Even though I don't *see* moths flying, I may well have worms crawling. Be careful. Unwrapping your carefully sealed frames in spring and discovering webs and worm and destruction is nauseating and discouraging!

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