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    My name is Ryan. I am a relatively new beekeeper. At this moment i am trying to build as many collonies as i can. I have the facility and the woodware now all i need is the bees to fill the boxes (and atm cant afford to just buy them). If you need any help getting ready for the spring honey flow i would be willing to help out to the best of my ability. All i ask for in return is bees. I am located in Indiantown, Florida (about 20miles west of stuart). If you would like to reach me via phone my # 772 834 9130.

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    The bees are the cheap part compaired to the wooden ware. But if your looking for free bees list your name on a swarm removal list. You will not get a ton of easy swarms but probably get a good number of stuctual cut outs. If your not afraid of some hot nasty work. I have 15 hives and only bought 2 packages and one nuc. Even if you only get a few you should be able to double them in 3 or 4 months. You have an advantage living in Fla. vs us up here in the north.


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