Any other folks out there that roast their own
coffee beans??

I began doing it a couple years ago and love it.
Great coffee and a lot less money than store bought.

The great points about roasting your own:

*Less money. Green beans range in the $4 to $5 a
pound range delivered.

*Easy to roast. You can buy spendy roasters or do like
I do. Pick up a hot air popcorn popper at a garage sale
and use it to roast. No kidding. Takes 4 or 5 minutes
and you have fresh roasted coffee.

*The small farmer gets the money. I use the Green Coffee
Buyers club and you can get coffee that comes from coop
coffee grower outfits. Most the $$$ goes to them

*Lots of variety. You can get Jamaican, Kona, Sumatran,
and many, many more. Many Organic.

*Green beans stay fresh for over a year.

I am in the process of converting a Ronco Rotisserie oven
into a small drum roaster and plan on selling a bit at farmers
markets this coming season.

Any info I can help you with let me know. It's a great hobby
that can save you money, provide super coffee, put $$ in
the pockets of folks that should get it, and.... you can make
a few bucks at the farmers market.

Sipping a cup of Rwanda - Abakundekawa right now. Tasty!!