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    Default Maxant service

    I sell a little Maxant equipment. Mostly as an accomodation to those who have various problems with other dealers (one in particular).

    This past Wednesday a guy called me to report that his heater failed on his 500# Maxant tank. He was bottling and needed a new one right away. I called Maxant at 3:00 PM, and the heater was delivered via standard ground service the next day! Great service.

    So nice to see a new generation building a business, instead of tearing it down.

    Go Maxant!
    Lloyd Spear

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    Default Re: Maxant superior service

    Lloyd, side note if you dont mind, brother in law gave me an unused sundance pollen trap, wasnt sure he had all pieces, had it about 5 years and never used it, anywhere I can get pic or drawing of all parts and how they go together? sorry to jack your thread, Mark

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    Default Re: Maxant superior service

    I also had a very good experience dealing with Maxant last year.


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