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Thread: I need Burlap!

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    hey, you know why they use burlap in texas weddings?.....

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    I'll bite Justin.

    On a side note I tooks some pics for ya a couple weeks ago I'll post them in a bit.
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    I've bought it at Walmart in the past, but our local one doesn't carry it anymore. We still have a Gibson's store that carries it, and I'll check their price next time I'm there (next week).
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    You might want to check with Sacramento Bag Company in Woodland California. Doubt if there's free shipping like Mann lake around the corner but might be worth a gander to help you get what you need.

    Just picked up two bales of scrap for the old smokers there today.

    In the past they have had rolls of new stuff of different weights (density) for sale. 5- 6 feet wide if I recall correctly. Would work great for tablecloths and who knows what else.

    What a way to help celebrate a wedding. Since the old groom will be "burlapin" the bride once the weddings over it might as well put it to double use.

    Better than reusing old coffee bags in the smoker fer sure.

    For all you history or linguistic buffs who happen to be beekeepers you need to check out the following links especially if you "burn" burlap in the ol' smoker.

    In the early part of the past century the people in a little valley north of Santa Rosa came up with their own language. One of the words they "invented" was burlapin which referred to taking a romp in / on the sack. Check it out.

    Next time you throw some burlap in the smoker just keep in mind that it might have been used for a better purpose.

    Ever wonder why the smokers get red hot when you pump them so fast. Now you know. Everything in life has more than one meaning I'm sure.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrapfe View Post
    Cabelas sells burlap for duck blinds, but it only comes in camo prints.

    Coffee roasting plants buy coffee beans in burlap bags.

    Watermen in Louisiana and Texas sell mud bugs and oysters in burlap sacks.

    The DEA has a huge cache of burlap but it says "Product of Columbia" on it.

    Or are you realy only after a lifetime supply of fuel for your smoker?
    I got mine from Cabela’s on sale last year for a duck blind. It was in 25’ lengths, variable widths, but it was less expensive (even in camo) than I could find at Walmart or the fabric stores.

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    I have seen some big wide pieces of burlap used to cover concrete on a construction project. I was about to stop and pick some up last fall but someone beat me to it. It looked like they used it to help it cure slowly, it was a hi-way off ramp. When they were done they put it in a pile beside the road.
    So you might try a concrete company.
    I have no idea what they get for it.
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