Bees may be bees but beekeepers aren't all cut from the same cloth.

If nothing else is apparent from this discussion it is becoming apparent to me that how you hold your hive tool makes a difference as to how you view the bees inside the box.

If you hold your hive tool close you look at bees one way and if you hold your hive tool at the far end of the lever you look at bees another way.

The disparity between a commercial outlook on a hive and a hobbyist view is somewhat divergent.

When you dump your spare time into a hive any ensuing hive collapse doesn't look the same as when the same impending collapse is about to take away you bread and butter for the next day if not longer.

To be continued..............

More later. Time for bed. Need to sleep on this one. (With my hive tool at my side as grafting starts tomorrow)