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    Default Re: Over Wintered vs Spring Raised

    Quote Originally Posted by sqkcrk View Post
    Did they cost more, less, same as this years queens? I bought alot of queens from Tinoco Bees, last spring.
    They cost the same. He's got good prices and was very good to talk with, we must have talked over an hour at least.

    How did you like his queens? This is first time I've met him or purchased from him, so far the packages look good but they were just boxed. I'll check through them for judging in a month to see how they've started.

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    Default Re: Over Wintered vs Spring Raised

    What size nuc is recommended for a northern keeper (or mountain)? I have heard anything from 5 mediums to 10 deeps.

    Dan Hayden 5 Years. 10 hives. Tx Free. USDA Zone 5b.

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