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    Default Repitching the batch

    So--two years in storage--not so mead like taste. Used plenty of prickly pear fruit and quite a bit of honey. It worked real furious at start, moved to seconday and later to carboy to set. Just not anything to crow about.

    I propose to repitch with a good second bit of honey. The yeast will have to be high alcohol tolerant--champagne I guess. I shouldn't think acid is lacking since the skins were present in the first stage.

    Question is--how will I know if it's going to turn out drinkable? Anyone have some guidlines//past experience? Other batches have come and gone--lots of crowing.
    Give me some histories.

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    Default Re: Repitching the batch

    I would run that stuff through an alembic copper still and try the condesed version. Repitching with more honey will not improve the flavor.

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    Default Re: Repitching the batch

    I once accidentaly stored a batch without protecting it from sunlight... took all of the flavor out it just tasted like alcohol water. tryed sweetening it by adding some honey then it just tasted like honey in alcohol water. didnt try repitching cause the alcohol was already at 14%

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    Default Re: Repitching the batch

    What kind of mead taste are you searching for? what original SG and ending SG? What percent of fermentables from honey and what from the pricklies? What yeast? What skins were present and did they really add tannin?


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