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Thread: Trading in Wax

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    Default Trading in Wax

    How much per pound do most bee supply stores offer for clean wax as an offset of purchase?

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    If I remember correctly the last time I traded wax back to Dadant here in FL I think I was credited about $2.75-- $3.00 per lb, I would have to check my invoices, they are all filed from last year. If I dont see a few more answers on here in the next day or two I will pull an invoice and let you know for sure.
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    Are you talking about selling your beeswax to supply house or wax workup price.
    Most your bee supply co. buy beeswax for $1.95-$2.10. They buy it like it is a waste product, and they are doing you a favor by taking it off your hands.

    My family has sold tons of beeswax over the years for less then that. Now I retail it all for over $5 a lb. Only wish I produced more beeswax then honey now.


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