Hi. I was able to go out and check my hives last Friday since it was close to 60 degrees and found that 1 of my 5 hives was completely dead. I think it was due to some type of humidity/moisture problem in the hive since most of the dead bees in the hive were very moist compared to most dead bees that clog the entrances in winter. Anyway, I can't say for for sure, but I don't think that they died from a disease. There was about 8 medium frames of honey left in the hive. Can I try to extract it if it didn't granulate in the comb?I assume saving it and feeding to other hives in the spring would be a mistake since I can't say for sure what killed the bees.

I just wasn't sure if there was anything that could happen in a hive that would make capped honey unconsumeable for a human if it sat in there over the winter months because the hive collapsed.