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Thread: 1 out of 8 dead

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    Default 1 out of 8 dead

    Today we have a 76 degree day here in lovely Southern Virginia.

    Did a hive inspection and found one hive empty with plenty of honey.

    The other hives had brood in all stages. Saw a few queens as well. Lot of yellowish pollen coming in.

    What should I do with the dead hive?

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    Default Re: 1 out of 8 dead

    Give the honey to a light hive to get through late winter early spring. Pick a warm day and put it next to the cluster. Save the drawn comb for splits, swarms, or honey supers. The bees will clean it up and take advantage of comb building up quicker than if they had to draw foundation.


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    Sounds like you are lucky considering all the reports of severe losses this winter. Clean out the dead bees, they will really rot quickly when the weather gets warm for even a couple of days.
    If you can use any of the frames with honey in the other hives that might be light as rkereid says switch them out. Any you cannot use, store them to use for later. Where I live, I have to store unused frames in the freezer to protect the honey and pollen from moths. I have had to store several frames this winter that are partially filled with honey and some with pollen. Even frames that look to be only drawn comb I have kept in the freezer because if I leave them out in the open, they do get moths in them that lay eggs and destroy the comb.
    I have been told you can store them in airtight containers.
    They can also be stored in a sealed garbage bag with paramoth crystals. This will prevent moths from getting into them untill you have the opportunity to use them. If you use paramoth, you just have to set out in the open to air out a few days before using them.
    Hopefully you will be able to use the frames for a split soon.


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