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Thread: starved hive

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    Default starved hive

    I had a hive starved out.Bees head first into the comb.
    My question is should i get all of those bees out of the combs and what is the best way to do it or do you just leave them in there and let the new bees clean it out?

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    You can brush the bees off the frames and then knock the edge [not so hard to break the comb though! ] of the frame on a hard surface a couple of times to dislodge the rest of the bees. After the dead bees dry out more, more will fall out of the comb. Some will be left in the comb. New bees will clean them out!

    I like to scrape and clean the wood of the frames a bit. I only have a few hives so I can bring the boxes home and allow them to air and dry out somewhat so that dampness and mold doesn't flourish on the frames before I can get new bees into those boxes. If left outside, [late winter- early spring] allow air to circulate but screen any openings well to prevent other critters from getting in until you can use them for new packages or nucs.


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