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    Default Re: Thomas D. Seeley's Honeybee Democracy

    To me, the connection Seeley attempts to make between the democratic process of the bees and those of human beings is fairly simplistic, and really doesn't have much weight in the book. It seemed to me to be more designed to make the subject more accessible to a wider audience by attempting to show broader relationships. But they are very basic relationships.

    I recommend it as a great book to better understand your bees. I doubt very much if it will have much bearing on future human deliberations (unless those deliberations are related to the subject of bees...)


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    Default Re: Thomas D. Seeley's Honeybee Democracy

    Seeley to speak at the Champlain Valley Beekeepers Association Spring Seminar at the end of April.

    He is also scheduled to speak at the Empire State Honey Producers Association Summer Picnic in Cannandaigua, NY in July. For more info go to

    Larry Conner has his book at
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