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    Default latest summer nucs

    when is the latest summer date to start building nucs?


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    Default Re: latest summer nucs

    I guess that all depends on how big your nuc is and what types of resources you are providing your nucs when they are started. I should also state that my response is with the intention of overwintering nucs for the following spring.

    For example, I keep nucs in two configurations.

    Configuration One:
    4 frame nucs. I will make these nucs up using 1.5 frames of brood, 1.5 frames of honey and pollen, 1 frame of foundation.

    I will make this type of nuc up as late as mid-August. This allows for plenty of time for the bees to build up and rely on the goldenrod flow in September to put away enough winter stores.

    Configuration Two:
    8 frame nucs. I will make these nucs up using 1.5 frames of brood, 1.5 frames of honey and pollen, 5 frames of foundation.

    Using this setup I need to give them more time to draw out the foundation and put away enough stores for winter. Typically the latest I will put this type of nuc together is mid July.

    If I need bee resources I'll make some nucs up in early June and pull frames of brood from those nucs before they swarm and use those bee resources to make up other nucs. It's a bit more labor intensive, but it's an easy way to get brood without robbing from your strong prodcution hives early in the year.

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    Default Re: latest summer nucs

    I did overwinter nucs last year for the first time. I am in ND - so we probably have winters of similar duration if not strength. I made my first nucs in early July and my last nucs in mid-late July. I made 8 total. I have two left - the two earliest started.

    Next summer, I will make them up in early to mid-June. They all drew out and filled a 5 frame box, but I had hoped they they would fill another 5 on top of that, but they ran out of time. Only the earlier ones were able to properly prepare for winter.

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    Default Re: latest summer nucs

    What breed of queen did you use?


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