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    Default Nutritional Value of bees wax

    I sell comb honey (as well as other things) and my wife was wondering if bees wax has any nutrional or homeopathic value in it. I have looked around but have not found any information on the topic. If anyone has information I would appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Nutritional Value of bees wax

    From a nutritional standpoint you can consider beeswax to be indigestible. It's very stable chemically, and passes through the digestive tract intact like chewing gum. As a food additive, beeswax is known as E901 (a glazing agent). From Food-Info

    E901 : Bees wax

    E901 (i) white bees wax
    E901 (ii) yellow bees wax

    Natural polymer produces by bees. The white wax is bleached by sunlight or hydrogen peroxide.

    Function & Characteristics:
    Coating, in chewing gum and part of honey flavour.

    Many different foods and pharmaceutical products.

    Acceptable daily intake (ADI) :
    None determined

    Side effects:
    None known

    Dietary restrictions:
    None. E901 can be used by all religious groups, vegetarians, as it does not contain animals. The wax is an exudate of the bees and some vegans accept this product.

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    Default Re: Nutritional Value of bees wax

    Dietary Fiber...
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    Default Re: Nutritional Value of bees wax

    There is no nutrition in beeswax, it's indigestible. However there is speculation that the pollen in the wax (from bees walking on it) is helpful to allergy sufferers. I have no opinion on the matter not having any allergies to start with... at least to pollen or food, but there are people who swear by it.
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