Well there’s so much conflicting info about small cell the only way is to try it myself. SC foundation is now available in my country so I’ve bought some. When it arrived & I looked at it I can truly say I have never seen such small cells even in wild hives, and couldn’t even envisage my bees working with it properly. So the issue is getting LC bees to draw the SC foundation.

Not quite sure how to go about this so I’ve made a very weak nuc with a carniolan crossed to Italian queen. The theory is there are so few bees they will not have the “manpower” to re-work the foundation and will just pull it how it is, at 4.9 mm. I’m hoping that will work anyway. Set it up yesterday & took some pics today, they have pulled a few cells and thus far anyway, and are sticking with the foundation size. There is one frame of LC in the nuc with food stores, once they have a bit stowed in the new combs I’ll remove it. Next issue I guess will be to see if the queen will lay in the SC combs.