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    Well, I've been trolling the mistint shelves at the paint stores looking for a bargain. With the cold weather, no one is painting outside. All I can find is interior paint. I only buy the exterior grade paint for my bee hives and color is of no consequence (much to the chagrin of some of my "white-only" buddies).

    So I asked several clerks what was the difference. The most common answer was, "Use exterior outside and interior inside."

    "Yes," I responded, "but what's the real difference? What would happen if I used interior on a dog house?" (not ready to enter tangential discussions on why the bees are dying).

    The most common response has been, "O gosh, you don't want to do that." But no one seems to know why.

    Is there a difference, a REAL difference? Has anyone actually painted outside buildings with inside paint? What grievous consequences awaits those who can't follow directions?

    Jackson, MO (may be waiting until the weather warms up for exterior paint mistints)
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    I have been told by others that it is the amount of UV protection but that is just barroom talk so to speak.

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    "...Interior and exterior paints often use different resins to bind the pigment to the painted surface. Exterior paints must be flexible to accommodate temperature changes and exposure to moisture.... Exterior paints have to be highly durable with an exceptional resistance to peeling and chipping...."


    "...Waterbased exterior paints are usually 100% latex acrylics ... that are very flexible to tolerate temperature changes, tolerate adverse weather conditions, and are highly mold and mildew resistant.... Exterior paints also need to be exposed to the sun in order to cure properly...."


    For more, Google interior exterior paint difference

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    Grant, Your bees will haul your sorry lazy butt off to court for maltreatment, misappropriation, malfeasance, and general neglect of their long term housing welfare!
    Bought my last mistinted paint at local lumber yard, 5 gallon bucket for $6. They didn't know if it was interior or exterior, thus a better than usual price. My friend who sold it to me said it might make a difference in a few years, give it a try and see. So, I'll give it a try and see!
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    I've used interior paint on hives. I'd recommend against it. It fades, wears off, peals, and let's your nails rust. All paint will, but you're looking at just a few years instead of a decade or more. An artist at school mentioned that interior paints slowly wear off naturally so as to eliminate stains and continue looking fresh. He was using them and was concerned they wouldn't last through the ages in his pieces.

    Unless you know exactly what you're getting, chances are you're getting what you pay for.


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