Woodguy, I apologize if I came off as flippant or as a smart butt. I get your initial response all to frequently and can get easily offended by some of the comments I hear. Especially considering there is an active industry disseminating lies, half truths and general BS about traps and trapping in general with nothing more or less than the stated goal of abolishing all forms of wildlife management to include all forms of hunting and fishing.
Being on the front line as it is I am constantly on guard for that sort of thing and have a hair trigger, forgive me. I assume by your original post that you are a participant of or are supporting of bow hunting, if so you know exactly where I am coming from as that sport has drawn fire from the very same type of people.
Yes trapping is modern and there are alot of misconceptions about the tools and people who trap. I myself am not a sport or fur trapper but strictly a NWCO, the modern incarnation of Animal Damge Control. Since we work directly with the public and are constantly under scrutinty from all sides the very last thing we would desire is for our equipment to cause such harm that it turns the public against wildlife control. Traps are restraint devices and nothing more.