Hello fellow beekeepers,
So I'm a student/researcher/beekeeper, and I've been keeping bees for about 6 years. But along the way, I've also been starting up student run beekeeping programs at places of higher education. This gave me the idea of spreading the word, and creating College Beekeeper. It's a resource for students who want to start up beekeeping programs at their schools, and to connect to other students doing the same. Like falling dominos, it's easier to convince the administration that you're not crazy to wanna keep bees in college when they can see other places doing the same thing.
At beesource, we're hoping to get more beekeepers onboard, and hear more of your opinions/suggestions/anything. If you're college aged, and don't want to put your beekeeping on hold during the college years, perhaps you'll consider merging it with your extracurriculars, and teaching a few of your peers. If you're a beekeeper, and you're interested in helping a local school get their bee act together, let us know.
We can be reached at collegebeekeeper@gmail.com, and on facebook under the same email. Also, check out our (very basic) website: https://sites.google.com/site/collegebeekeeper/.
Hopefully, we can also get a thread going here for people who are interested in more of the same.
College Beekeeper