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    Default Uk parliament debate on neonics will be online

    Tomorrow - Tuesday 25th January, there will be a live debate in the British House of Commons on the proposal to SUSPEND all neonicotinoid pesticides until such time as a fully independent field-testing study can be carried out - which proves them to be safe for both acute and chronic exposure to honeybees. The actual wording of the motion and the list of MPs supporting it can be seen here:

    So far, around 26 Members of Parliament have signed up to support the motion - but it is very uinlikely that the government will allow the motion to go ahead and become law. We know already what the 'Party Line' is - and that is "neonicotinoids woiuld never hurt a fly, let alone an itty bitty bee!"

    However, we now have the beginnings of a national debate - and 99.9% of people in the UK have never heard of neonicotinoids to date. So, education is a good thing and some debate will develop.

    The debate will be live online while it is probably the middle of the night in the USA - but the debate will be archived an available after the live event.

    Check it out here:

    The proceedings in Westminster Hall on 25th January will be streamed live on our website. Once the proceedings are over they will be permanently available in the archive.

    The live and archived proceedings will be available at

    NOTE: You need to visit the site beforehand anc check whether your version of Windows Media Player will stream the video. Mine would not and I had to download another video-viewer - Microsoft Silverlight - a link is provided on the above Parliament page.
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