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    Default Dealing with Dadant

    Recently I bought some plasticell foundation as well as some other products from Dadant. This cost me a pretty big chunk of change. Well I received the packages and seemed alright. I looked at the pick ticket and it said all my foundations were there. I assumed they were right. Well I have been making frames over winter break and i noticed I was missing about 90 frames and this was about a month and a half later. I called the company and it seems something ups messed up. Dadant agrees to ship me my foundation free of charge to replace the missing foundations. If they wouldn't have done this I would no longer be ordering from them anymore. Dadant has proven they are a great, customer friendly company in this situation.

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    Default Re: Dealing with Dadant

    I have been dealing with Dadant since 1964 and never had any problem with them. I have learned almost all major bee equipment dealers are fair to the customer.
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