I know this section of the forum is for TBHs, but I've seen some Warre people lurking around in here, too. I have just finished reading Beekeeping For All and am planning to build two Warre hives for spring. I am building the standard version, not modified.

In the Warre plans, it shows the top bars as 11/32" thick. I plan on using 3/4inch thick lumber for my hive. Can I make my top bars 3/4" thick with no adverse affect? If not, what's the best way to split my 3/4" bars with a table saw? Splitting each one seperately seems like a lot of work, and my blade won't go high enough to do two at once.

I've seen top bars for sale on one of the sites that sells this type hive (you know who you are!) for $1 each. That's an extra $64 that I don't really want to spend.

Any additional advice would be appreciated! I'm buying lumber today and will start with the roof and work down. Thanks.