The French Beekeepers Union UNAF took legal action in the high court today and forced the government to withdraw three 'conditional' licences for a major neo-nicotinoid pesticide, Sygenta's brand name 'Cruiser'

Today, lawyers acting for the French Beekeepers Union presented their demand that the Government withdraw licensing for SYNGENTA'S Neonicotinoid insecticide 'CRUISER' - whose active ingredient is THIAMETHOXAM.

This is a massive victory for the beekeeping industry in France - and follows the banning of the same neonicotinoid in Germany in May 2008.

The government had awarded three 'temporary' licenses for Cruiser in the last three years. These have now been rescinded,

A fourth legal suit still has to be heard to stop the Government awarding yet another 'temporary' license for 2011 - so this is not a final victory, not just yet. However, the argument for cancelling the first three 'conditional' licenses was that the Risk Assessment methodology was completely flawed. Since the Judges accepted that argument in respect of the previous three years, it is likely they will accept the same argument for the upcoming year's license application.

Press release can be downloaded here: BwlDGZTIyMzJhNTEtMDhiMS00NWEyLWFlNzUtZDRlMGRhZWZhY WRk&hl=en