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Thread: My New KTBH

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    Default My New KTBH

    My new hive is built, using the same plans as my first; with just a few differences.

    This hive is built using 1 full inch thick Southern Yellow Pine and finished with a Semi transparent Cedar stain.

    The hive is 48 inches long and 34 inches to the top bars.

    The sides are 14 inches wide and cut at 22.5 degrees. I cut the top and bottom side boards at 22.5 so the top bars and bottom board would fit flat against them.

    I notched the bars 1/8 inch by 1 1/8 inches so they will lay flat on the top of the sides and not move very easily.

    It has a 3 foot long by 5 inch wide thick Plexiglas window for viewing the girls at work. The Plexiglas is flush recessed on the inside and silicone in place.

    I used a router with a Rabbit bit on the bottom of each side board to make a 3/4 inch wide by 1/8 inch deep cut in the boards; then cut my #8 screen so it would fit nice and snug all around the bottom and not interfere with my bottom board when closed or follower boards.

    I built the roof using 3/4 inch exterior grade ply wood and insulated the inside with foam board. It is shingled with dimensional style shingles.

    The Top/Roof, Window cover and Bottom board are all hinged with a brass piano hinge.

    My top bars are 1 1/8 inch and 1 1/2 inch by 17 1/8 inches long so they will interchange with the other hive I built. Each bar is grooved down the middle and 2 inches in from each end using a 1/8 inch tapered router bit. I'll fill the groove with Bee's wax and cross my fingers our new family likes their home.

    Check our photo's out on PhotoBucket.

    My next project is to build a habitat area for the hives, I have a load of Cedar Slab wood I'm going to use to build a fence for decoration and to protect the hives from the wind.

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    Default Re: My New KTBH

    that is some sharp looking hives
    "It's better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees!" Zapata

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    Default Re: My New KTBH

    Well... I guess I won't be posting any more pictures of my nearly completed KTBH, unless I can cook up some story about how I tried to replicate a guy from a third world country who'd never seen a power tool before the Peace Corps volunteer handed it to him 2 minutes before beginning to build it...

    Beautiful work!


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