I have been using the Central Pnuematic 18G crown stapler from Harbor Freight for about 5 years. Started out using it as a finish nailer to do all the trim in my house. I have stapled frames for about 500 supers, put together about 100 inner cover feeders and stapled aluminum covers on about 100 lids. I use 1" Porter Cable staples. I always put a couple of drops of oil into the air intake before I start using it and I may use it up to 5 hrs at a time. This thing was a gift from my brother-inlaw who works in contruction. I keep waiting for it to break/quit or whatever knowing it is not on the high end of quality but it just seems to keep going and going. I have never had jam or have it mess up in any way. The last Harbor Freight ad had them on sale for about $16 and was thinking about buying another one for back up because I am sure it is going to quit when I least expect it with all the "mileage" I have put on it. I have 1000 frames to put together before spring. But I can't complain, it has been a great stapler for me.