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    i was wondering if i could put a mig. cover on beehive with 2 70mm holes drilled in and put 2 jar feeders with holes poked in lids to feed the hive. don't think it would encourage robbing as bees couldn't get to it from the top, and i could see the amount of syrup left in jars and change them without even taking the cover off, would this work?

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    Many of us in my club feed our Nuc's that way. Some just drill a hole in the cover big enough to accomadate the lid of the jar and put wire insect screen over the hole. The bees can get the syurp just fine through the screen. Others add a piece of 1x4 on top of the cover, drilled through both. The "shoulders" of the jar rest on the 1x4, keeping robbers out and making it harder for the wind to knock over empty jars. You do get a fair amount of bees coming out with the second method.
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    The hole does not even have to be as big as the lid. I put mason jars or 3 gallon pails on the same hole.


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