Wow. Last season, 2009/2010, I was able to graft and grow queens every day of the season. All through 2009, from January 2009 through most of 2010, until just this past November 2010, when we had an unseasonal hard frost, and the drones my colonies had been keeping, suddenly vanished. Despite feeding pollen substitute and a little sugar syrup, more than half of my colonies have also stopped raising brood. We've continued to have frosty nights for most of the past several weeks. This rarely happens, and it makes me sad through those winters that it does. We did have some good rains, that came with the cold. They should help inspire lots of wildflowers, if it ever warms up so they can grow and bloom.

2011 can still become a very productive season, if it warms up and the wildflowers grow, or if it just warms up as I continue to feed.