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    Default 3 virgins, 1 marked queen, big mistakes!

    Hi, All!

    Earlier in the week I found 4 torn out queen cells and a hatched queen from
    my jar cell experiment nuc. So the virgin from my jar had escaped out of the hole and finished off these cells I thought.
    Not knowing that the other virgins had somehow survived and roaming about the frames, I combine another queen right nuc
    with a newly marked laying queen from last week. She has the bright orange abdomen and a prolific layer too.
    Thinking that everything is fine I combine the marked queen into the bigger nuc hive. I managed to track down the hatched virgin queen to
    make a nuc split before the combine.
    On tonight's hive inspection trying to locate the marked queen I cannot find her anymore. Then I found 2 more virgins roaming on two separate frames.
    No, they did not kill off each others. Not all virgins will do that. These queens are too gentle coming from the gentle stock that I have been improving all along.
    But the marked queen is dead somehow. Maybe one of the virgin got her or that she flew away?
    Anyways, I made another split with the 2 virgin queens. Now I have to wait another week for them to take their
    mating flight. Bummer! I had loss another good orange abdomen (Cordovan X carnis) laying queen. Another queen rearing lesson learn for me.
    No more same mistakes the next time. All the queen cells will be inside my little jar separately from now on.

    Another still alive orange abdomen queen:
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    Don't mix foreign bees into a virgin hive. She might get balled 100% of the time! When will you ever learn, huh?


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