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    Default Happy 200th Birthday To L.L. Langstroth

    Today is not only Christmas, but the bicentennial of the birth of L.L. Langstroth, the man who made possible so much of what we enjoy.

    So, "Happy Langstrothmas" to all! ; )


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    Default Re: Happy 200th Birthday To L.L. Langstroth

    Mark Berninghausen

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    Default Re: Happy 200th Birthday To L.L. Langstroth

    Good point.

    Our world of bees is much different than the one he into which he was born.

    Undoubtedly the best thing that happened to bees since......? Honey?

    Only problem I can see from his invention is that since the combs are now savable we don't "replace" them as we should.

    Naturally the combs in trees would be "cleaned" up by moths most likely within 5- 7 years of production. I have some combs that are likely 60- 70 years old.(not many) These are way to old and harboring who knows what.

    The economics dictate we save them as long as possible. Two years ago I instituted a plan of date stamping every new frame that goes into the brood boxes.

    Not sure how i'm going to cull them yet but my goal is to replace (burn or sell off) every frame over 7 years of age.

    Celebrate Langs birthday today with a little fireworks. Make a bonfire and burn a couple of old frames. It will confirm to the visiting relatives that your just a crazy old beekeeper but what the heck. I'm sure Lang wouldn't think it irreligious to celebrate Christmas and his birthday by burning a "beeswax candle." Bee safe!!!


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