Kim Flottum in his "Catch The Buzz" emailing reports on the discovery that the RNA virus appears to exist in various pollens. Here's a link to the article.

One quote that leapt out at me: "For the first time, RNA viruses such as deformed wing virus, sacbrood virus and black queen cell virus were detected in pollen pellets collected directly from forager bees," said Cox-Foster. "Pollen pellets from several uninfected forager bees were detected with virus, indicating that pollen itself may harbor viruses. The viruses in the pollen and honey stored in the hive were demonstrated to be infective, with the queen becoming infected and laying infected eggs after these virus-contaminated foods were given to virus-free colonies."

I've read elsewhere that various pesticides, esp. the newer neonics, while maybe not killing the bees directly, compromise their immune system, making them more susceptible to viral infection. Most beeks seem to agree or perhaps understand that there is no single "smoking gun" for CCD. Is science now establishing a possible linkage? Cause? in the demise of honeybee and native pollinator populations? Are we getting closer to understanding what's going on out there?